Business Insurance

Business Insurance in Oshawa and Durham Region

Protect Your Business' Property

If your business owns  physical assets such as a building, equipment, computers, office furniture, etc, you should protect them from the potential dangers of fire, water, earthquake, ice storms or other potentially damaging weather conditions. You should also think about protecting your inventory, customer property and the personal property of your employees while on-site. Aside from potential damage due to weather, other  considerations include damage due to vandalism or loss of property due to theft. Commercial Property Insurance helps protect your physical assets in case of damage or loss due to natural disaster, theft or vandalism. 

Protect Your Business' Liability

In addition to damage to your property, you and your business can be held liable for accidents that cause bodily harm.  If the accident occurs on your premises or results from your products or completed operations you could be liable.  Even a single claim can destroy a business. Commercial General Liability insurance can protect you against such claims from third parties. 

Business Insurance

Commonly referred to simply as "Business Insurance," which combines  commercial property insurance, commercial general liability, along with other types of coverages , is essential for keeping your business protected against losses from  accidents, disasters, mishaps and other incidents that can potentially bring your business to a halt.

If you plan on starting or expanding a business, give Henninger Insurance a call. We'll help you protect the investment you’ve made in your business. We will help you get the right mix and amount of insurance to enable you to navigate through any potential accidents or disasters and keep your firm financially secure and stable through the years ahead. 

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  • "Thanks for spilling this out in language that we can understand. You always make it easy for us. Thanks Grace."
    Nancy and Paul
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