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Life Insurance In Oshawa and Durham Region

Do you worry about how your loved ones will get along financially if something happened to you? We all worry about such things. Life insurance can help safeguard their financial security. Life insurance will help to take care of your family’s financial needs in case you are no longer able to as a result of disability or death.  At Henninger Insurance, we're here to address these concerns and ensure your loved ones are well-taken care. We have a range of life insurance options to meet your specific needs at an affordable price. Our experienced insurance advisors will guide you through the various options and choices, helping you get a life insurance policy that best suits your needs.

Care For Those Who Matter Most With A Life Insurance Plan

Life insurance involves caring for your loved ones and is a pro-active approach to secure those that matter most from financial difficulties. It’s better and more affordable if you apply for life insurance when you’re young, but it's never too late to start. Insurance funds will help your loved ones settle your debts and loans, sustain their lifestyle, pay daily expenses, deal with expenses such as funeral costs, and even cover  your children’s education fees and expenditures. Even though you may have some life insurance through your workplace, usually the coverage from these plans is not adequate and expires when you stop working there. Having your own life insurance coverage helps you cater completely to your loved one's needs since you understand them best. The cost of a life insurance varies based on health, medical history, age, lifestyle, and gender. Call us for a quote!

We Offer Various Life Insurance Policies Based On Your Needs

There are 2 different types of life insurance to consider:

  1. Term life insurance: a simple and reasonably priced life insurance plan best suited for temporary needs like covering off a mortgage. You pay for it with a fixed amount over a specific period but premiums do increase over time and coverage will typically expire at age 80.
  2. Permanent life insurance (including universal and whole life) gives you coverage that does not expire with premiums that stay level as you age.

There are a number of differences between the various life insurance types so it's best to speak with an insurance broker who is a life insurance expert to help you navigate all of the options and find the policy best suited to your needs and goals.

Why Consult Us?

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  • "Thanks for spilling this out in language that we can understand. You always make it easy for us. Thanks Grace."
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